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A consultation provides an opportunity to bounce different ideas around, explore new solutions and look at a strategy for moving forwards with the garden. A consultation can relate to the planting, the structure of the garden or any part of the garden including borders, boundaries and trees. The rate is an hourly charge. If you want to progress with a drawing or plan, then the consultation fee is refunded.



A choice of two plans in watercolour enables you to have a choice of design and envisage more than one shape for the garden. Amalgamation of the two designs is possible as there may be elements from both which are appealing.  An easy to use planting scheme after a final drawing (if required) then enables the garden to be landscaped. Where the garden is straight forward, a single Presentation Plan with Planting is an alternative.

Watercolour Design Plans

Cobble Road

After the design, my landscaper can build the garden according to the scaled design drawings. At any time, Mark Hopkins can carry out any landscaping work such as fencing, paving, removing shrubs, water features, timber buildings, pergolas, lawns and driveways.



Sourcing, delivering and planting up the garden can be achieved quickly and efficiently, giving your garden the height, texture, scent and colour to provide all year beauty and allowing you the pleasure of relaxing and enjoying your garden, whatever the season.

Planting Up Service


Gardening includes pruning, weeding, dead-heading and dividing. No mowing or hedge-cutting. An annual ‘haircut’ can immediately improve the look of your garden.


planting plan.jpg

If you already have a design plan or have garden beds and borders that need help or perking up, then I draw up a scheme for you, taking into account the aspect of the bed (north/south/east/west), the soil structure, and your preferences: all year-round colour, level of maintenance, particular colour schemes or flowering season, to mention a few.

Planting Schemes

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